Monday, January 21, 2008

New Video - Help Us

It appears that the countdown has started for February 9, 2008
This comes from one GeorgeHarris0n.


MikeNL said...

this isn't iamaphoney! it is Jude from NIR

Tafultong said...

Is it really? All the clips came from Rotten Apple videos, but I should have suspected it wasn't Iamaphoney by the YouTube description: "Help us. The truth needs to be told.
We want to be at peace, but all our sins and our make believe--our PRETEND LIVES we led, forged out of lust for materialistic ideals...these things keep us weighed. Now we want the truth to be known, and only you can tell them! Evil men, men with hearts filled with Maya have been telling you lies; Now wake up, and listen to the truth, know the truth, and SPEAK the truth...
God bless you, and namaste."

Are you sure it's Jude? I thought he was taking a break from video editing.

MikeNL1038 said...

yeah! he also posted it under another name, but i can't recall which one.. but on this user account was the second time i've seen it. he also promoted it on NIR forum, and i can defenetly see it's Jude's work (compared to his older work)