Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another Phony Phoney

Yes, "mikenl" who I believe is MikeyNL1038 on YouTube, has informed me that the video "Help Us" was not done by Iamaphoney. He is a credible source with frequent contact with Iamaphoney, so I'm pretty sure he is correct. The thing that surprised me is that Mikey suggests that the real author of "Help Us" was actually Jude from the NIR discussion group, who usually posts videos under the name RockXLight (endorsed by me!).

That's okay, my friend. I don't mind being played as the Fool on the Hill. It goes to show the contagiousness of the Iamaphoney phenomenon. YouKnowMyName231 put on a new one today - #11 Uncertainty Principle. Everybody's got something to hide except for me and my phoney.

Just be warned my friends, I think when Iamaphoney returns on February 9, he might just blow all of the pretenders out of the water.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the big revelation is that Martin and Ian are putting the band back together.It's been ten years.You have half of the story figured out.Good work.

Anonymous said...

They worked so hard.Then dropped by the label.Not fair."I don't believe Paul is dead but I am interested in conspiracies and how people respond to them"

Anonymous said...

Build upon a myth.Create a second chance for fame.Now they have to keep it going.It is getting harder to do now.