Friday, January 25, 2008

Cryptic Messages

I hope I'm not telling tales out of school, but some cryptic messages appeared in the "Nothing Is Real" discussion group today from a mysterious writer named ROXOR. With February 9 approaching I felt I should post them here. Any insights are welcome in the Comments.

1) it never rains in s c
2) the superstone in egypt
3) tornado to paul
4) dennis is leaving

(Note: #4 was in response to a posting regarding Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich)

If ROXOR or any of the Moderators of "Nothing Is Real" would like these removed, please let me know and I will comply.

1 comment:

Felipegcs said...

I understand that ROXOR means something like rocking, screaming, etc, making the sign of devil horns with your hands.
maybe it clear some stuff :p