Sunday, September 16, 2007

Paul Is Dead - The Rotten Apple 54

Just in case you are new to this, Iamaphoney is a gifted film maker. He can give you chills by the way he is telling this story. But, when Paul's voice slows down in this video and a few others it is not because he is stoned. The film editor is slowing it down in order to emphasize what is being said. Some of the people who commented on YouTube don't seem to know that.


ulrich said...

smart guy

Tafultong said...

Not sure if you are talking about Iamaphoney or Paul McCartney, but either way I would say yes he is a smart guy. But if you look at the source video of the 1980 Paul McCartney interview found here:
you'll see that Paul appeared to be flying a little bit anyway (even without his voice being slowed down). And he does say some strange things in this interview. No wonder he was busted for pot in Japan a short time later.

ulrich said...