Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Video: a lie adds up - don't nod

This is also credited to Lamaphoney, he fooled me with the lower case "L" that looked like an upper case "I." It has to be him under another alias.

Another rapid fire, too quick for the eyes and brain to process video. But there is something particularly chilling about this one when Helter Skelter kicks in. I didn't even catch this picture consciously the first time, but it must have been what bothered me anyway.


Anonymous said...

who is this guy
do you thinkthat he have a connection with the beatles?
to me it seems that way

paula said...


could he be sir paulhim self

or niels aspinald

Tafultong said...

I don't think that Iamaphoney is an insider, but I do think that he has discovered new clues, studied old clues and compiled them into a theory about what the Beatles were up to from late 1966 until this very day. And he certainly has an amazing way of presenting this theory.

Although I said that he is probably not an insider, I do think he is (or has access to) an outstanding filmaker and that he is (or has access to) an outstanding musician and it would not shock me if he also had access to a real INSIDER.

Neil Aspinall could be considered a suspect because he recently parted company with Apple, even though he had been a part of the Beatles organization since the very beginning. So, although it is very unlikely considering his loyalty to the fabs, the thought of him revealing secrets now is at least plausible. It's funny that one of you would suggest Paul himself. Wouldn't that be crazy? But when you listen to Memory Almost Full (outstanding album IMO) and listen to the lyrics of songs like "House of Wax" and "That Was Me" you can't help but think that something mysterious is going on. And that "Name the London Eye After Me" thing boggles my mind.

So who is Iamaphoney or who is feeding him information?

I actually posted a list of suspects to a forum a while back.

Here is my list:

1) Tony Bramwell
-Long time Beatles associate but never got the recognition like Mal Evans or Neil Aspinall.
-He decided apparently on his own to impersonate Paul in a radio interview during the peak of the PID rumors of 1969 only to be identified and disparaged by Apple.
-He clearly had an axe to grind with Yoko Ono who he described as "such a core of negativity that she sucked the air out of the room.”

2) Giles Martin
-Giles had to have been informed of any secrets especially with all he had access to in his work on “Love.”
-He wouldn’t have the loyalty of someone who had been in on it since the beginning.
-Check out the top friends of a certain PauI McCartney on Myspace

3) Ringo Starr and Sir Paul McCartney
-They are both still active but I’m sure they realize that the end of the road is near. Why not start moving toward the final plays of the game now?
-If you look at their solo projects, you have to come to the conclusion that both of them are still playing some kind of game.

4) Neil Aspinall
-Did he leave Apple of his own choice or was he forced out? There was a disconnect somewhere. It was either his loyalty to the Beatles or their loyalty toward him that has been called in question by his exit.

5) Jason Starkey
-It can’t be easy being the third best drummer in the family. He must be consumed with jealousy when Ringo talks about Zac’s work with the Who and Oasis.

6) Erika Hubers
–Okay, not an insider, but certainly she has a unique role in this mystery and would have an interestingly complex motive to play games with the Beatles.

Anonymous said...

wow amazing
do you think something is fishy?
why doesnt imaphony step forward and identify himself?
it makes me wonder.