Friday, September 7, 2007

New Video - 2.9.08 ;acid mowings fonts - NOT

It was inevitable. We have a phoney phoney. Greatness does inspire imitation. The only similarity between this video and the real Rotten Apple Series is the substituting of an "L" for an "I" in the user identity.

I did post in a forum over the weekend that I suspected that this was a copycat video. After months of some of the best-edited videos on YouTube, I couldn't imagine Iamaphoney putting out something that consisted of three clips joined together with an unregistered shareware application.

I guess you can't blame people for wanting to join the Rotten Apple Army, it would just be nice for them to indicate that they are only doing a tribute or perhaps an audition.

This one was posted under the alias SonOfTheMagicklan


Anonymous said...

i do not think this guy is working on the phoneyteam it is too amatourish
look for youareaphoney

Tafultong said...

Thanks for the comment. I completely agree with you. I should have voiced my suspicions at the time, but there have been a couple that I linked in the "Other Likely Iamaphoney Videos?" section that were not up to the Iamaphoney standard, but still seemed to have his involvement.