Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Video - The Tag

Yes, he's back. Another one that is outside the numbered series was posted under the alias "ROTTENAPPLEARMY" along with a couple other places on YouTube. This one features the longest version so far of the song, "He Was My Brother." If you have not already done so, record this and play it backwards. The song you eventually recognize will blow you away.

The lyrics (forward) are:

He feels sorry.
Leave me in this century walls;
So, unseen be missed.
Should ask for two left feet...
So that must be that I live, really live with me.
Please don't read the charge.
Who is the father of evil?
He was my brother.
I found no one other.
I sure miss Paul.
He was that evil
The worm was that evil.
He was such an actor.
Worm was sad.
Who is the father of evil? (repeats)

Thanks to byrdsmaniac for the transcription.


tygrefyfe said...

Hello- I've found this blog and I can say I'm enjoying it! I've also been following Iamaphony's videos and I"m completely intrigued. As for this one- could someone tell me what song this is in reverse?

Tafultong said...

Yes, if you play it backwards it becomes shockingly close to "Free As A Bird." It gave me chills the first time I heard it backwards. There is an incredibly clever and talented musician within the ranks of Iamaphoney.

Thanks for the comment and thanks for visiting the blog.