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New Video - paul is dead - the rotten apple 62 g


Watch the video and come back to read this.

Welcome back. First of all, I have been assured via an indirect communication that Iamaphoney is not in any way suggesting that Paul McCartney is in any danger. One of the more radical interpretations of Iamaphoney's work is that he in some way poses a threat to the physical well being of Paul McCartney. I know that some might read this and say "Which Paul McCartney are you talking about?" Until someone proves differently, the man I am calling Paul McCartney is the one who sang "Like Dreamers Do" on the Beatles Decca audition tape and released the CD Memory Almost Full. Until someone proves differently I believe it is the same man. However, I acknowledge that from late 1966 onward there WAS something different about him. Iamaphoney's videos may be telling us about that change and I for one have been completely captivated by them. But as far as I know, nobody is threatening anybody. This is theater. It is rock and roll and mythology and symbolism and damn good music. So let's all enjoy it together and have fun with the mystery.

Now there are some fascinating events that occurred in the past week. I wrote about them on one of those boards and received some yawns, but I think Iamaphoney must have thought they were worthwhile enough to put them in his new video. I don't know if he saw my posts or not, but he at least seems to be seeing some significance in the things that I have noticed. So he did not let me down with his latest video. And I don't think Mr. Iamaphoney is a stalker. I think he is a hell of a musician and filmmaker and he may be an insider. If he isn't an insider, I still think that Mr. McCartney has noticed him and likes his work. So here goes....

One week ago Paul McCartney played a gig "Electric Proms" at the Roundhouse. The concert was filmed and posted in streaming video by the BBC. It is still up, but likely to be removed soon.
If you have a chance to see it, DO IT! The concert is fabulous.

Throughout the concert there are audience shots of people holding big signs, which is pretty common in McCartney videos. But about 28 minutes into the video, while Paul is singing the song "That Was Me" the camera pans down to the hand of one audience member who is holding a small steno pad with writing on it.

Here is a clip of that moment.


Pretty odd isn't it, especially in the context of the rest of the video? How about the way the person seems to be moving it to attract your attention?

Here is a still picture of the tiny steno pad:

Now Brazil has come up a lot of times during this mystery. In addition to the various religious and Nazi connections, we had some pages that suggested that Iamaphoney was born in Brazil and moved to Denmark.

Back in June when Iamaphoney aliases started appearing all over YouTube and other places, he started posting videos in different spots with different titles. Some became part of the numbered Rotten Apple series, while others stayed outside the canon. One alias that I suspected was Iamaphoney was a YouTube user named Salazar Guggenheim. This is a partial screen capture from that YouTube page.

Notice that the date he joined happened to be Paul McCartney's 65th birthday. This character posted the same message on Paul McCartney's Official YouTube site at least three times. See it quoted below in italics:
Dear Paul, or who control tis page, please, please, please, know something.


The last time, you break the record with 185 thousand people in only one show...what is problem now?

Sorry the horrible english, but I need to try. This is far the best way to talk with "you". I hope somebody give you this information. Brasil (Brazil) love you, I love you...Cassio Delmanto loves you...you are the best. Those freaks said you was dead, but they don't understand one thing: if "you" was really dead, you are so much better than the original Paul...hahaha..I'm joking...love you Paul...Sir Paul..Sir James Paul...

So, I read that and went back to look at how purposeful that video shot of the steno pad looked and my mind started to think there was a connection. Did Iamaphoney get into the McCartney concert and pay someone to put his steno pad page in the video? Are Iamaphoney and Paul McCartney working together? Is Iamaphoney stalking Paul McCartney?

That last question bothered me a lot. He is too good of an artist to be stalking McCartney. He has too many resources and too much talent to be doing something stupid and evil. But I have to admit, it scared me a little to see that after the concert, somebody had broken through McCartney's security.

Here is the article - http://www.showbizspy.com/2007/10/27/paul-mccartney-scared-by-stalker/

This mystery is about codes and symbolism and the depth of the music of the Beatles collectively and individually. It is not about celebrity stalkers. It makes me sick to be thinking about that at all. So let's get back to the mystery and the fun.

This morning an official promo video for The McCartney Years appeared on YouTube. A few seconds into the video, after the Eye of Horus artwork was shown we have a brief passage where film reels are shown. Here is the link for the video:

Well the beginning of that "Official" video reminded of something Iamaphoney did a couple months ago on Rotten Apple #37i

Paul had said in a recent interview that he and his son James had been exploring YouTube quite a bit. Maybe he stumbled upon the Rotten Apple Series. Or maybe it's just a coincidence, but the film reels and the accompanying audio sure seem similar to Iamaphoney's work.

Within a few hours, Iamaphoney continued the dialog by releasing his own version of the McCartney Years Promo. In it he not only included some of the cryptic things Paul said and the typical Iamaphoney quick flashes, but he also included a quick shot of the steno pad Brazil note from the Roundhouse concert video. Check it out at around 0:59.

So that's where we are. A whole bunch of coincidences that can easily be explained away, but I am really wondering what this is all about and where it is really going.

I do know that The McCartney Years DVD is going to be great. So will the Help DVD and the new Memory Almost Full Special Edition. It is a great time to be a Beatles Fan.


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