Friday, October 12, 2007

Some More Interesting YouTube Characters

One of the videos I linked to yesterday,entitled "Imagine Peace" and credited to one johnIennon (yes, substituting an "I" for an "L" which is an Iamaphoney trademark) was also available under the title "the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER event" and credited to a Y0KOONO (note that the second letter is a zero). I believe that the video (see link below) is the same, however the comments that this individual received were from some interesting characters as well.

This is the profile of one of the people who left a comment:

Joined: July 25, 2007
Last Login: 1 day ago
Videos Watched: 3Subscribers: 0
Channel Views: 16
No 9
Imagine Peace
Shes Information Name
Name: Michael
Country: Burundi

Well, isn't that interesting? The second letter of his first name is actually a lower case "L" instead of an "I." How about the phrase "Shes Information Name"????
That's a bit of an odd description isn't it? It's is probably a waste of time to try to decipher it as an anagram because the large amount of letters creates a gigantic list of possibilities. But here is one thing that I came up with when I rearranged the letters: Shes Information Name = The Fireman Is No Mason
What do ya know?

Then see who gave the next comment.

Joined: October 11, 2007
Last Login: 1 day ago
Videos Watched: 2Subscribers: 2
Channel Views: 23
This year marks my 40th year of involvement in civic life. I have served as a member of the Cleveland City Council, as Clerk of the Cleveland Municipal Courts and as Mayor of the City of Cleveland. I have been an Ohio State Senator and am now in my 6th term as a Member of the United States Congress. Having served at local, state and federal levels, in legislative, executive and 'quasi' judicial branches I have one of the broadest backgrounds of anyone in government today.
I intend to put my lifetime of experience to work as the Chairman of the Domestic Policy Subcommittee of Government Oversight and as the next President of the United States of America.
I welcome your suggestions and ideas as to how we can make our government truly become a government of the people, by the people and for the people. I look forward to hearing from you.
Imagine Peace - Not War.
Join the revelation.
Its Time!
Name: dennis
City: cleveland
Hometown: cleveland
Country: United States

Oh yes, he's in the video right? Wrong. You see that fourth letter is an "L" instead of an "I." He's done it again. I've seen that "Join the revelation" line before and it is a slogan of the Rotten Apple Army. It must be an army to have time to do this stuff.

The next couple comments look like they are legit. I wonder if they watched the whole thing. Then we have this:

Joined: July 25, 2007
Last Login: 1 day ago
Videos Watched: 2Subscribers: 0
Channel Views: 45
Country: Cook Islands

Yes, that's a capital "I" instead of an "L." He must be pissing some people off. Aside from its simplicity, this looks like it could pass for Sean Lennon's YouTube page. But it's rotten to the core.

And we can't leave out the other son:

Joined: July 18, 2007
Last Login: 1 day ago
Videos Watched: 6Subscribers: 0
Channel Views: 278
Name: julian
my new site for after the revelation
Country: India

Yes, we've spotted this one before. Notice the "I" instead of an "L" in his first name. Rotten Apple Army again.

On YouTube the upper case I and the lower case L are identical. I am keeping track of these aliases because new videos have sometimes appeared on them. There is a similar process, but to a lesser degree so far occurring in places like MySpace and Wikipedia.

Help me out by dropping a comment if you find anything.


BE DEALS said...

wad ef et es nod jama funny thad es en denmark
but the eyeland LESO= LÆSØ fink abuut et

Tafultong said...

Interesting. Bob Dylan wrote and recorded a song in 1970 called "Day of the Locusts." Is that event coming soon and will it take place on Leso? How many Will Be At LESo?