Friday, November 9, 2012

It's Happening Again

The Magical Mystery Tour Blu-Ray/DVD release has produced a couple revelations. Paul McCartney is at it again. Despite the fact that there is no hint of any kind in Magical Mystery Tour that the walrus mask is being worn by anyone but John, we have Paul suggesting in the Director's commentary that he and John switched off wearing the walrus mask just to mess with people. This of course does not make any sense. As I said, no one has ever suggested that Paul was wearing the mask in the Magical Mystery Tour film. John did have a song on the next album with the lyric, "Here's another clue for you all, the walrus is Paul," but who thought that meant that Paul was the walrus in the film? There is no doubt that Paul has enjoyed his association with the walrus since then. He even made the silly suggestion that it is him in the walrus costume on George's video for "When We Was Fab."
One thing that has always given me the creeps is the similarity of the Magical Mystery Tour animal costumes to this chilling scene in Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining."
This of course is a well known stretch unless you consider that the cover of the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour album was strategically placed in a scene of another Kubrick film, "A Clockwork Orange."
So you can imagine my shock, horror and delight when I found out that the aerial scene footage that accompanies the song "Flying" in Magical Mystery Tour was leftover footage from Stanley Kubrick's movie "Dr. Strangelove."
Can you see a resemblance? Ask Dennis O'Dell.
And I see that Grandfather Aleister is overdue for his next video because of Hurricane Sandy ("S" and "Y"). Glad to see him back. Keep an eye on GFA's current YouTube Channel. David Frost did another interview with Sir Paul for Al Jazeera. I wonder what Grandfather will make of this:
Oh yes, and Iamaphoney is back and hot as ever musically.
Enjoy... 6Down12Go - TheRevelAtion series x AND 6Down12Go - TheRevelAtion series z I'm so sorry.


Anonymous said...

No use having this blog up since iamaphoney turned out to be a sham, is there?

Keir said...

Kubrick employing Beatles arcana- does it get any better?

Anonymous said...

Yes it's all happening again Iamaphoney fails to deliver, a bit like the McCartney interview a few years back.

Anonymous said...

is there anyone that can give a roundup of the whole thing somewhere ?

Anonymous said...

Ehhh phoney failed.
Any clever boy or girl with access to the www can make cryptic & pretty little videos.
Time to face the truth people. Phoney knows nothing.
There will be no revelation.
Your time has passed phoney, nobody takes you seriously anymore. Good luck with the album tho Bud.

DonQuixote231 said...

It's happening again. And people aren't seeing that it is!

Anonymous said...

One of the hallmarks of pop culture is references. The Beatles were among the first post-modern songwriters to make use of references, being the art school types they were. The early Beatles songs were filled with musical references to their favorite artists, which, due to their facility with writing, rarely came off as plagiarism. But they also referenced random stories from the paper, celebrities, and even themselves. At the end of All You Need is Love when they sing "Yeah Yeah Yeah" they are of course taking the piss out of the Mop Tops, and Lennon loved referencing Carroll and his other literary heroes. That's art.

Like everyone else in the 60s, Kubrick enjoyed referencing pop culture, too.

But I wouldn't read into it.

Anonymous said...

2006: iamaphoney videos cover old PID clues and reversals
2007: first appearance of the phoney figure and love code
2008: suitcases...
2009: ???
2010: announcement of the 3 TRA installments and thewingedbeatle
2011: the right album
2012: no comment

Anonymous said...

lol at the Phoney channel. Has it never crossed anyone's mind that the whole thing was to promote himself?

This nonsense about copyright is hilarious. I can go to YouTube right now and watch millions of copyrighted clips of the Beatles and even entire channels with Beatle songs and albums uploaded in their entirety, none of which have rights to their music or films.

There never was a Love Code and Martin never had a revelation other than the New Age manifesto he put up on Facebook. It's his idea of Magick and changing consciousness, nothing whatsoever to do with dead Beatles.


Anonymous said...

The change in consciousness should be a change toward being more skeptical next time.

No one ever learned anything by blindly following.

my said...

Either this was a staged leak from Them, or someone who had found out who TPF was.


wow remember when I started posting pics of heurlin on tafultongs blog.
Bless this chuck gadsoul guy for making a video on his dad.

Anonymous said...

Revelation or GTFO.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Taf.
Hope you got to check out my book, "The Enigma Of David's Toe". Would love you opinion of it.


Anonymous said...

I hope this guy isn't jerking us around. I was pretty excited for the revelation, only to end up with some excuses. He could have said something earlier. He could have elaborated on the legal threats / troubles... if we don't hear more from him soon, much more, (and rather soon) I'll probably forever write him off as an attention-seeker who was using claims of insider information to promote his band.

I've given him the benefit of the doubt so far, for quite a while. If he doesn't make with some information, he's going to lose the trust of some of his biggest followers. Just saying....

Anonymous said...

he has already jerked everyone around and lost everyones trust. he was never going to do the Revelation. Yawn. Bored now.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the legal threats are against you.

Anonymous said...

Response to:

"he has already jerked everyone around and lost everyones trust...."

I'm not sure I get how you mean. He said the revelation would be yesterday. Sure, maybe it *seemed* like he was stringing people along, but IMO it seems like there was no "proof" of that, beyond speculation, until he failed to provide the revelation he promised.

And what about the "private" section of his site? Nothing in there?

Where are you IAAP? You got some 'splainin to do.

Anonymous said...

So that's that?

Anonymous said...

just checked, nothing new on the private site

Anonymous said...

he HAS failed to provide the revelation. He admits this at the end of revalation series x.
He promised it on the ninth of november and failed.
That is why people feel jerked around and let down.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you guys understand what Phoney meant. There is no revelation. Read his manifesto on Facebook. He left it open-ended by saying it could be 9 minutes or 9 years, and that we have to live backward and blah blah blah. This way people will continue to hang around waiting. Otherwise everyone would leave.

Martin was probably hoping *something* would happen on or by 11/9 (like a harmonic convergence type thing) and he went along for the ride, trusting in the magick.

Sorry, but he's had YEARS to plan it and nothing happened, like so many other times. The issue of cease and desist is BS, because one would first have to publish/post the material in order for someone to ask him to take it down.

When nothing happened as he'd hoped, he decided to exit stage left with a slightly comical take on the situation (talking to a fake Higher Up on the phone, saying "You tell them").

Yes, he conned people. But that was the argument against him all along. It's one thing to make promises, another to deceive people consciously (pages from Paul's diary that are public, which he threw in there to make you think it was from Mal's diary, or using the Kenya footage, which is available on DVD, to give the appearance of some insider footage, and most deceitful of all, using a Paul impersonator for a few choice phrases).

It's sad and ridiculous that people are going to continue to wait for Godot. The majority of fans left years ago after the fake Blair Witch revelation video, realizing then that it was just a dude into PID. Most of the others left after the video of Martin appeared, in which he says he was obsessed with Paul and hoped his ideas about PID weren't all "in his head." Well you wouldn't wonder if you were imagining things listening to backward Beatles for years on end if you had some actual evidence. Duh.

And Taf, I feel for you. You dedicated this blog to Phoney and waited years only to see nothing happen, and all you could muster in response was "I'm so sorry."

It's not your fault, bro.

The dream is over and it really is time for everyone to move on to better things, especially things that are real.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Thanks for all your hard work Taf, you were always one of the good guys keeping it sane.

Anonymous said...

Best comment:

Maybe IAAP was replaced, and this is FAAP.

lololark 12 hours ago

You guys crack me up! It is pretty clear something had gone "Amiss". So many other creative ways to get a truth out without stepping on legal toes or implicating others!

Big Mal Lives? said...


toerehwon said...

Iamphoney is eludes to the PID theory.
My message is.

Invert profile pictures upsidedown, for a forensic point of view. I looked at my old beatle books & lp covers. (Take time to compare pictures of an individual you know, is the same person, young & old.)

Also, 2656alquimia has been posting an older individual who looks remarkably like early john lennon.

Look at performances of the early beatles, you will see a shorter & a taller band of the beatles. You can see a significantly taller paul. Also the diffrence in the two lennons. One has a thin face the broader face.

I am toerehwon on youtube.

I have no doubt there has been Eight Beatles, from the beggining. Doubles.

Anonymous said...

"I have no doubt there has been Eight Beatles, from the beggining. Doubles."

Okay everyone. . .seriously, it's time to drop it. Thinking about Beatles day and night will eventually lead you to come up with increasingly bizarre and untrue theories. It would happen it you stared at a can of tuna long enough.

Phoney failed you and yet you go back to square one, talking about his and that theory, with not a one of you coming up with anything worthwhile.

This has been going on for seven years and will continue to go on, and seven years from now someone will be all excited about another supposed clue in the Pepper cover.

Such a waste of time.

And if you imagine, just for a moment, that Paul never died. Then what?

Where will you go from there?

Dogstarisdead said...


Anonymous said...

"I hope this guy isn't jerking us around"????

Were you here 5 years ago? I see nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

I hate you Martin. Really Really hate you.

Anonymous said...

LordTextus posted a comment
18 hours ago
Wait Revolver is a pre-clue, makes no sense...hang on, Pepper shows two versions of The Beatles, Ringo is consoled by Paul = a connection/clue. Why? Ringo was a replacement for Pete Best so Paul...was replaced too. Not just by Faul, I mean there was a 64 Paul then 65 Paul came along. Revolver is before Sep/Nov 66 so therefore refers to the original Paul? There were two before Faul and one shot himself and one died in a car crash and they didn't tell all until Pepper or so it seemed because REVOLVER is also a confessional (look at the cover too)? "When I'm 64" = Paul is number 64 in Pepper. When I'm 64 means when I'm the new Paul, 64 being the year the original was replaced. So the Paul grave on Pepper is for 65 Paul who died the most recently and 64 Paul is consoling Ringo. So, 65 Paul died and he was the replacement for 64 Paul (who spoke of early retirement in interview) who either died also or was just replaced. Sense. Does that make any?

Anonymous said...

LordTextus posted a comment
23 hours ago
Yep, people are moving away from car crash to shot himself even in the last few weeks, myself included. Always felt all those gun clues were too overlooked. Remember that interview with Faul when he holds a "gun" (his hand) to his head and pretends to blow his brains out. And Revolver. Happiness is a Warm Gun. Gunshot sounds at the start of Don't Pass Me By. She's not a girl that misses much. He blew his mind out in a car. George Harrison Blow Away. Braverman's Cream of the Beatles car window bullet hole. And here at 3:54 watch?v=sU0zuY2XCa0. Suicide or murder and did only Paul die in that incident? Yeah Harrison didn't say "loved" but the way he almost tears up, Ringo's remarks and Jagger's body language are telling when you know what to listen and look for.

Anonymous said...

This topic needs a good, active discussion forum.

Yes, I know there are already a handful of PID forums. But most of them are barely active. To look at them, you would think that barely anyone wanted to discuss it, or barely had anything to say. But then you come places like this, and it seems that is not the case.

Another problem I have found is there seem to be different schools of thought, and different types of members... all the way from very super rational, to highly speculative, to batshit insane. And in some forums, the batshit insane ruin sane discussion for everyone else (nothing is real and iameye et al, I'm looking right at you :p )


I guess I'll have to assume that no one has answers, and no one wants to get together to examine the issue in an adult manner.

Yeah, I need a vacation from this shit.

Anonymous said...

I want to! What do you suggest?

Anonymous said...

"I guess I'll have to assume that no one has answers, and no one wants to get together to examine the issue in an adult manner."

As far as one can discuss, in an adult matter, a theory that must presuppose every major pop celebrity and virtually everyone at Capitol/EMI were forced into silence, and that advanced plastic surgery was available in 1966 when it isn't available today.

LODGE4444 said...

"advanced plastic surgery was available in 1966 when it isn't available today." Well if you look at the photo of the "replacement" on the white album poster he does resemble Paul so not much plastic surgery would be needed. Couldn''t and didn't round out his face or make him shorter,though.And his ears aren't quite right either. Or the color of his eyes.

Anonymous said...

Well if you look at the photo of the "replacement" on the white album poster he does resemble Paul so not much plastic surgery would be needed. Couldn''t and didn't round out his face or make him shorter,though.And his ears aren't quite right either. Or the color of his eyes.

You are presupposing, like virtually no one else in the entertainment or any other industry, that there is a picture of a replacement on the White Album.

It's fruitless to compare photos. You have to trust that of the thousands of people that knew/know Paul, and knew what he looked like in person, at least ONE of them would have noticed he was a completely different human being and said something. Even Pete Best would have noticed from afar. Or Peter Asher, or any one of the hundreds of birds Paul shagged.

Or Leonard Bernstein, or any number of pro musicians who might have noticed his voice was different (even his speaking voice). I'm sorry gang, but being armchair quarterbacks is one thing, but there are countless people who were alive in the 60s with far better credentials and experience to know.

Not one.


Anonymous said...

Reconstructive surgery techniques were being carried out in India by 800 BC. Sushruta, the father of Surgery, made important contributions to the field of plastic and cataract surgery in 6th century BC.

Plastic surgery was already being well used in the 1940`s and 1950`s.

We have had plenty of time to get GOOD at it.

Anonymous said...

Plastic surgery was already being well used in the 1940`s and 1950`s.

We have had plenty of time to get GOOD at it.

If you want to know the state of plastic surgery, and even cosmetic surgery, just look at those who have the most money to spend on it (paying the top surgeons). You will see that even simple nip tuck's and lip enhancement stuff makes women look like clowns.

I will agree that it is possible to take away or add features, and make someone look very different than before, but to make someone look like someone else has been tried numerous times (M Jackson, Barbie, Liz Taylor attempts) and over hundreds of surgeries lasting years, and all of those examples suck badly.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. But surgery is only one part.

Try finding a guy on short notice with the same vocal range (4 + octaves), perfect pitch, who can play bass and guitar lefty, and write classic songs. And his speaking voice is the same, and he is not mimicking a Liverpool accent, he's for sure a scouse.

And most casual fans think his eyes are brown, and even the alleged perpetrators might have thought that, too, but it fact Paul said in the early sixties his eyes were hazel. So why give him hazel eyes (greenish brown) when the fans thought he had brown eyes?

Bottom line: anyone could have blown the whistle easily, and still could. No one has ever given a legit explanation as to why no one has done that. And what about Paul's music biz friends? Any one of them, had they suspected he was a completely different human being, at least mentioned it in an interview.

So why is it that all of the people that know him in real life don't think the photos show a different guy? Why is it always these fans sitting at home who think they are experts in the matter? Only friends and acquaintances are in a position to know.

This idea that EVERYONE in the music biz is in on it are really grasping at straws.

You can't explain one conspiracy (PID) by creating an entirely new conspiracy, even more far-fetched than the first(Everyone is the music industry is controlled by Illuminati).

That's not an explanation, it's a poor excuse.

Anonymous said...

Easily. Listen.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Easily. Listen.

Lol. Not too bad, pretty standard Paul mimic. Wouldn't fool a Beatle person for a moment, though.

Did he fool you?

Would you for a moment think that was the real McCartney?

Anonymous said...

Yeah there are a lot of dudes who can approximate his voice but they never have the same quality of voice and rarely can do both his ballad style and rock style. And the speaking voice part they always over-exaggerate.

Anonymous said...

Forget impersonating Beatle Paul, try impersonating post-Beatles Paul. I can guarantee there is no one alive that could sing the entirety of Wings Over America (and play the bass, guitar, and piano parts) live on stage to the letter. Watch the film Rock Show. Beyond this, they wouldn't be able to hold the crowd with his powerful stage presence (best I've ever seen)and the assured ease with which he performs. Never seen anyone able to hit those high notes and rock out without showing a hint of strain in his face (except for when he does so for show). It's truly remarkable how he used to do that.

Anonymous said...

Response to:

"...just look at those who have the most money to spend on it (paying the top surgeons). You will see that even simple nip tuck's and lip enhancement stuff makes women look like clowns."

I think I know what you're getting at, but you're not thinking of it the right way. "Lip enhancement" is typically done to make a woman's lips look puffy and full. Not everyone's lips are suitable to a procedure like this... but you, as a plastic surgeon making x,xxx.xx dollars per procedure tell your patient that.

A lot of the cases you're thinking of are people who had a particular surgery that was not ideal for them, or people who have had multiple such procedures.

What PID replacement advocates are talking about, is a man who was specifically chosen to resemble this guy, in which case most surgeries could have been minor "touch ups" not having his lips puffed clown-like to look super pouty, etc

Anonymous said...

Response to:

Hell, I can almost do Paul's Elanor Rigby. Maybe better than this guy. lol

And I CAN do some of the rock stuff.

But I look absolutely nothing like paul.


Anonymous said...

What PID replacement advocates are talking about, is a man who was specifically chosen to resemble this guy, in which case most surgeries could have been minor "touch ups" not having his lips puffed clown-like to look super pouty, etc.

Understood. However, the "touch ups" in this case would have to be major, because Paul has some bizarre features. . ..huge eyes (and therefore huge eyelids) and the rest. I mean, yeah, if the guy already looked almost exactly like him. . .but that's unrealistic, because it would be the voice and skills they would have to worry about as well.

I'm basing this on what I know of Beatle lookalike soundalike bands. . . . yeah there have been a few dudes mildly similar through the decades but no one good enough to fool Beatle fans for more than a phrase or two. So it would have to be the one guy they picked, back in 1966, that just happened to be the world's best mimic of all time - really pushing it. And he would have to continue imitating Paul 24-7, even during the Let It Be sessions (100s of hours worth of talking can be heard - and you can tell who Paul is). And no one knew those outtakes would be released years later.

And there are other things we take for granted. His heavy 5 o'clock shadow, for example. Paul 65 has a dark 5 o'clock shadow (he hated shaving) as does Paul 67. Not everyone can grow a full beard. And that's not a surgery thing.

I've seen footage comparing his walk (gait) and his hands, and they look exactly the same. And when he plays, he does the same fingerings on bass - almost impossible to imitate since that's a personal preference. I'm doubting you could do hand surgery to make someone's knuckles fall in the same place, same length, etc. You'd have to break his fingers.

Mainly though, I'm skeptical because no one around him ever blew the whistle. Impossible. Even dangerous mob figures have been ratted on.

To believe this, you have to believe that John Lennon was a liar and also afraid of the establishment. . .I don't believe it for a second. I don't believe George Martin is a liar or part of some cabal. And if a cabal was in charge why did they let Paul get the royalty payments? Why did they let Michael Jackson buy the rights?
Why did the Beatles sue each other for 20 years?

If Bob Dylan, for example, did an interview and said he thought Paul seemed different then I might wonder more. . . but no one in the know ever said or even suggested such a thing. I was around in the 60s and if anything we thought Lennon was looking different (mainly because of the long hair, beard, and glasses).

And Paul's kids look very much like Paul McCartney. His youngest daughter Beatrice is the spitting image of Paul 64. You could say it's because the imitator looked like Paul but again, with all of the other unexplained things (such as why would they even bother?), is that the most likely explanation?

Anonymous said...

I think the main problem is that people take McCartney's singular abilities for granted, assuming, wrongly, that these 60s EMI types in suits would even know how to go about finding a replacement.

Who would train him? Lennon couldn't play bass for shit. George wasn't much better. No one in 1966 knew how to play like that. Listening to And I Love her wouldn't give you the ability to come up with those bass lines on Abbey Road.

And the actor just happens to be able to mimic Paul mimicking Little Richard and Buddy Holly, his two favorites. And the actor continues liking Buddy and Little Richard up till this day. And a pot head to boot. Just like Paul 65.

Not only that, but in Let It Be they constantly jam on early Lennon and McCartney songs and stuff they did in Hamburg like Besame Mucho. . obviously they got a kick out of digging into their old material. . .how would the actor know their early songs? Why bother? Most weren't even used in the final film. And what actor would know how to go into the engineer's booth to mix the records like Paul was doing in 67? That was unprecedented at the time.

Lastly, it is abundantly clear that in Let It Be Paul is high and taking the piss out of his old stage persona. There is a scene where he and John are laughing and Paul keeps shouting single words to goof on his background vocals in the song Help! Clearly this was an in-joke because Paul and George would shout out random words instead of the real ones for a lark.

Anonymous said...

Clone Car says:
This is a 1969 cover of Science Digest with Mr. Starr on the Cover. Now why would his head be on a flask with smoke eerily coming out of it on a Science Mag cover?

Heading: Tampering with Life

Next to Ringo's head:
Duplicating People by Cloning
Redesigning Man

Below headings:
Changing the color of skin
Crackpots and Forgeries

(In Russia they can clone a human in 8 hours)Many are very close but not identical.

It is cloning... A clone technically is a twin.

Watch the movie "Boys from Brazil" to get more clues. They had it down to a science. Imagine what they have now.

They always show you in plain site..

Anonymous said...

Boys from Brazil is a work of fiction by Ira Levin. There are also books about time travel and other things that science and science fiction describe. It doesn't mean it's something we can do.

The cover of the magazine is easy enough to get: it's talking about the possibility of cloning, or "creating people" from a test tube. . . so it's a gag based on that, don't see why that strikes you as odd. It's also a Beatle. . .and the Beatles were popular so it would help sell magazines, right?

A clone is a twin, indeed. But there is no evidence for human cloning anywhere other than non-scientific books or articles.

The first cloned mammal was Dolly the sheep, and that wasn't until 1996!

If you were going to clone McCartney (why?), you would have had to do it around 1942 when Paul was born, because clones are human beings that have to grow up like everyone else.

Science had not even discovered the double helix of DNA until the mid 1950s so rule that out big time.

It's interesting that PIDers are split between thinking Paul was cloned (in which case he could look almost exactly the same) or a lookalike with surgery - but most PIDers seem to think Faul doesn't look very much like the original.

Anonymous said...

I used to enjoy discussing pid on ct forums a few years ago. Some people would get very annoyed indeed at the mere suggestion it might not be true. You were either a shill or in-on-it in some way. I remember someone forcefully telling me I'd be eating my words before 2008 was out. Those were the days..

Anonymous said...

Yeah everyone's a disino agent. . if you're paranoid.

The False Phoney Revelation does tell you something about beliefs.

The guy from day one couldn't have come off as more of a hoaxer, and yet he gained a few hundred or maybe thousand followers/believers.

And even after he let his fans down after the interview hoax, the suitcase hoax, the private cloud hoax and the selling his music on iTunes and now the revelation hoax, there are still a few who believe he knows something.

Why is that conspiracy theorists who always claim to be zealous for the TRUTH never seem to see or call out FALSEHOOD when confronted with it. Instead a lot of them run and hide or make excuses for him.

This is what people do when they've been beaten into submission.

It's called Stockholm Syndrome hahaha.

And Taf, all due respect, but if there was EVER going to be a post by you regarding Phoney, it would have been on the 9th. You've been posting about every minor thing Phoney has done for years leading up to the finale.

I mean, obviously not much you can say. But it's odd that you don't.

Anonymous said...

'And even after he let his fans down after the interview hoax, the suitcase hoax, the private cloud hoax and the selling his music on iTunes and now the revelation hoax, there are still a few who believe he knows something.'


'Let it be somewhere between 9 minuttes (sic) and 9 years'

There'd still be a hardcore primed for this in 2021 I would imagine. Ironically McCartney may well have literally croaked by then, prompting a new ct - 'Faul's death in 2019 was faked'.

Anonymous said...

Clones, Clones, & Clones, mixed in of course

Ahhhh the truth will come out!

You Betcha....

Anonymous said...

I get it "Paul McCartney Never existed"

How many wore those shoes?

5-10 over the span of decades.

Anonymous said...

"The Magical Mystery Tour is coming to take you away." Into a black hole universe. Wormhole. Open your eyes.

Saiyo (Olimpicus) said...

Holy Shit! I'm Enyoing this!!


Saiyo (Olimpicus)

Jim said...

"The magical mystery tour is coming to take you away. Into a black hole universe. Wormhole. Open your eyes."

Bingo. That's the whole "end of the world" 2012 scenario in a nutshell. Nostradamus. Book of Revelation.

Here's the good news. It's not going to happen.

So to what extent were the Beatles conscious of this? Not much. That's the nature of "inspiration" it seems.

999nobearman said...

from idiot999nobrainman

Countdown to the end
With apologies for the delay ;-)

thought that guy was gone....
Countdown to the end?!?!
the end of what?
hopefully the end of these videos.

MeanMrKite said...

Gunshots at the start of Don't Pass Me By? aka Ringo's snare drum?

kenny whitney said...

Therightalbum was amazing! I listen to MyBrother and UsedToSing daily! Thank you IAAP!


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