Monday, November 12, 2007

Deep Breath

Okay. We got two new videos and a fire today. So what does it all mean?

The most likely scenario, I'm afraid is that Iamaphoney is going to disappear for awhile. The words Au Revoir appear near the end of video 66,6. Then he will re-emerge in 2008 with a major release of some kind, perhaps a DVD or even an audio CD. The biggest argument against this scenario is that it would be nearly impossible for him to release this commercially. It would be a nightmare to try to clear copyrights for all of the video, audio and photography that he borrows. Even his songs are based on Beatles songs backwards.

The second most likely scenario is that one of the people from the videos will disappear or has disappeared today. The man who is obscured in Rotten Apple 65n has appeared repeatedly in several others. Unlike almost all of the other characters in these videos, I just can't identify who he is.

Third scenario is that Paul McCartney will lay low for awhile. That would be understandable with his current divorce/new love situation, but it's hard to imagine that he would disappear right now with so much new product out.

Fourth scenario is that Iamaphoney started a fire today at a warehouse in London. He had the McCartney (uh London) Eye with the smoke in the background on his YouTube page today. Another version of his page had a shallow grave as its background.

Fifth scenario is that this is all a string of coincidences.

Who knows?

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