Saturday, July 28, 2007

Who is Seth?

Iamaphoney has not officially taken credit for it, but a video posted by someone called “neiIaspinall” on YouTube appears to have all the markings of our subject, down to the guy in the “CODE” car who has been appearing in most of the recent Rotten Apple offerings. The video “Ringo Song” implies that the song “Never Without You” by Ringo Starr was copied from a song by Seth Swirsky called “It’s Still Love.” Seth’s song, which appeared on his Instant Pleasure CD is catchy and sounds like it would be a good vehicle for Ringo, but it’s not the same song as “Never Without You.” While the arrangement is similar, and the vocal is a good Ringo imitation, every other aspect (chords, melody, lyrics) is different. We are not talking “My Sweet Lord” or “Come Together” here. I wouldn’t think this would be lawsuit material at all. I’m surprised that Seth Swirsky would allow this accusation to be out there on YouTube. Maybe he doesn’t know about it. I guess it’s possible that Seth is a fictitious person, but I doubt it. The image below is his website, but you can visit it yourself at

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