Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Video - the mccartney years MY

This one appeared under the name JamesPauIMcCartney. Not much new ground in this one, but it does feature a nice mashup of Free Now and Liverpool Oratorio.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Video - paul is dead - the rotten apple 52 i

As if to answer my question, this compelling video appeared on Sunday night.

because the world is round

Friday, August 24, 2007

New Video - paul is dead - the rotten apple 51 a

"lady madonna on LOVE
put it backwards"

Please somebody tell me who the woman is. It is at least her second appearance. The best guess so far is Bettina Huebers, the woman who claimed she was Paul's daughter, but it doesn't look like any of the pictures I have seen of her. If you can confirm her identity, please comment.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Video - paul is dead - the rotten apple 49 y

Don't know why #49 came out after #50, but here it is. I think this is the longest one yet.

Some very unBeatle-like voices are joining in the chorus.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

Quadruple Play - 4 New Videos!

paul is dead - the rotten apple 45 U

paul is dead - the rotten apple 46 A

And this one from the user identified as Rotten Apple Army
A Lie Adds Up - superstone (This video is no longer available)

paul is dead - the rotten apple 47 P

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Video: paul is dead - the rotten apple 44 L

After taking a week off (presumably to travel to England) Iamaphoney (or is it Iamiaphoney?)is back with a new video. What kind of resources does this guy have that he can travel around the world to film two-minute videos?

I hope to take a look back at some point to offer some footnotes to previous videos, but at this point there is too much happening in this mystery/game. I can barely keep up!

In other news, I was recently convinced that the YouTube user named "Formermedia" was another Iamaphoney alias. Check out and

There was plenty of evidence:
1) The location of Copenhagen, Denmark has been previously associated with Iamaphoney.
2) The site produces slick videos with a somewhat Beatlesque sound on some of the songs.
3) Both joined YouTube in June/July 2007 when Iamaphoney alias sites started popping up everywhere.

Speaking of alias sites, apparently is being inundated with Iamaphoney alias sites now as well. Check out this one and this one.

That's all for now. I have to go research Mahavatar Babaji and the pineal gland.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

apple star - just dont say anything

In my last post, I forgot to include good old MaIEvans

Joined: July 25, 2007
Abbey Tell Ale Kid
Age: 40
Country: Cuba

He's posted a Rotten Apple Video:

This is one of the more misleading Iamaphoney efforts, but it still sends chills down the spine.

Here's one more new identity on YouTube:

Joined: July 25, 2007
The King Of Cosmania will rise
Age: 40
Country: Cambodia

Did I say one? Here's another:

Joined: July 25, 2007
june 18 1942
Thrown Tribe
Age: 40
Country: Burkina Faso

Iamaphoney is hiding in plain sight

Live at Amoeba Records, LA

Posted under the name JamesPauIMcCartney, this appears to be the official Amoeba Records report, but about halfway through everything changes. We hear the voice of the "English Gentleman" whose monologue appeared on "a Lie Adds Up" posted by a BillShepherd. The voice of the man who does NOT sound like George Martin, is much higher in the mix on this new video. This is what he says:

Paul McCartney, world renowned musical genius, a trend-setting pop star of Beatle fame died in a car crash in 1966. For reasons both personal and professional, a concerted and clandestine campaign to divert attention from the matter was immediately undertaken. The facts surrounding McCartney's death were tightly guarded. Details were obsessively concealed or obscured to this day.

The truth was immediately buried in a frenzied, yet amazingly well coordinated subterfuge. For nearly 4 decades now our arcane secret has evaded full disclosure.
Through total commitment, we're a fraternal order, you see, we of the Beatle circuit, an Apostolic group of divergent, yet loyal personnel.

For me to break ranks shall be considered a betrayal of all that is sacrosanct. A true shock to those who know me best. Now, finally, I've made the decision to speak. The truth shall remain hidden no more. Here I present the treasure that so many people have steadfastly searched for.

These video postings are getting very confusing. The first video post under the user name JamesPauIMcCartney was a Lie Adds Up - son king 0911 281 F
( which was not the same as the video called, a Lie Adds Up - Blll Shepherd ( which was posted by user name BlllShepherd. And that might be different from a Lie Adds Up - son king ( which was posted by user name johnIennon.

It gets even more confusing because the same videos have been posted by other user names around YouTube and many contain cryptic comments like

Style: ---
Joined: July 25, 2007
I was born the 18 of june 1942
Age: 40
Country: Christmas Island

Joined: July 18, 2007
son of magickian is coming down fast
Age: 40
Country: United Arab Emirates

Joined: July 20, 2007
This is new channel first to be in public use 9 february 2008!
No Address reveal!
Enigma Flip
Name: Julian (representing John)
Country: Bermuda

Style: ---
Joined: July 18, 2007
This is new channel first to be in public use 9 february 2008!
No Address reveal!
Check out the official 'Nod Your Head' group JUST ADDED and join in as well!
Ask Sir Paul a question!
http://www memoryalmostfull com
Name: Paul
Age: 65
I am ready to go back in
Country: United Kingdom
Occupation: Musician, Artist

Joined: July 19, 2007
first to be official 9 february 2008
No Links to site before the revelation
Name: Richard
Country: Monaco

Joined: July 18, 2007
This is new channel first to be in public use 9 february 2008!
No Address reveal!
Age: 40
Country: France

Joined: January 12, 2007
apple star
he died in a carcrash by noon attack
Country: United States

Joined: July 20, 2007
This is new channel first to be in public use 9 february 2008!
No Address reveal!
Name: Olivia (representing George)
Country: Bermuda

Style: Biography
Joined: July 20, 2007
This is new channel first to be in public use 9 february 2008!
No Address reveal!
Name: Paul
We are ready for the revelation
Country: Bermuda

Yes, there are more, (see links in a previous post) but this gives you an idea that the Iamaphoney organization is all over YouTube. And for reasons I still don't understand, the PID community HATES HIM. I would think that they would have been hoping to play a game like this for 30 years, but the majority of the Paul Is Dead theorists seem to not even want to talk about these videos. Oh well.

One final tidbit is a video posted with a different M.O., but still essential. The song Saint Paul by Terry Knight is one of the most puzzling pieces in the whole puzzle. You can hear it in its entirety here, but I warn you that the not so subliminal message in the first few frames (the letters "I" and "M") have the mark of Iamaphoney. I suspect it is just a tribute, but who knows?